Learn How to Start Homeschooling in a Few Steps

With all the dangers and unpleasantness in schools nowadays, homeschooling is becoming more and more popular among parents who want to make sure their children receive proper education. If you too are concerned about the bad things your child can experience at school or you are not confident about the quality of the education received in schools, you can take the decision to homeschool. Before pulling your child out of school and teach them yourself, here are some steps you should follow when you want to learn how to start homeschooling.

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Learn the laws and regulations

When you start homeschooling, it is essential that you learn the laws, depending on the are you live in. While some states are relaxed when it comes to homeschooling, others have severe restrictions and laws. You must report regularly, submit to several tests and obtain a certain score, get evaluated by outside professionals and even receive home visits from state officials who are assigned to observe and evaluate your homeschooling.

Locate your homeschooling group

If you want to learn how to start homeschooling, you can find available on the internet pages with your local and regional home school groups, phone number and addresses that will make it easy for you to find and contact the group you are looking for. Do some research on the most popular and appreciated homeschooling groups and ask for references from other parents who have joined the group.

Learn How to Start Homeschooling in a Few Steps Picture

Decide on the type of homeschooling you want

Another step in learning how to start homeschooling is to discover the most common methods used in home education. There are various types of philosophies and approaches to choose from, such as the traditional method which consists of a complete curriculum and a traditional grading system just like in the traditional schools, the classical education method which is a Christian homeschooling approach, the Montessori method based on the idea that learning is a self-directed process that should come naturally, the Charlotte Mason method or the Eclectic method, which are a combination of a variety of ideas and ways of getting education at home.

Select a homeschooling curriculum

The next step in how to start homeschooling is to choose the curriculum, read books in this specific field, buy textbooks and workbooks, create projects and activities, learn how to use computer programs and much more. There are also museums, zoos and other institutions that organize events designed for homeschooling parents, and also large homeschooling communities with members who have joined this educational branch and who can share their experience.

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